We love to receive honest reviews about any of VaperCrew’s flavour collections. Your feedback helps us to improve our blends, and ensure our flavours remain your favourites. Thank you so much for all your kind words and encouraging feedback – they are much appreciated! Here are a few of the reviews and feedback we’ve had over the years, about flavours past and present…


Planet of the Vapes. Extracts include:

“The fizz on the tip of your tongue just rounds off Reno’s Refresher perfectly, and tops off a hell of a refreshing juice.” – Reno’s Refresher

“I could tell just from the smell The Godfather was packing one hell of a punch!” – The Godfather

“It’s a great palate refresher, and offers enough to you to quite happily vape on all day long.” – Sunny Malone

“One thing that really impressed me with the VaperCrew juices, aside from the great flavours, was the excellent packaging my 30ml bottles came in…These juices get a big thumbs up for me and are well worth you giving them a try!” [Thanks POTV!]

Read the full Planet of the Vapes reviews here… Planet of the Vapes, VaperCrew Eliquid Reviews

You can read Peegore Vapes’ review of Show me the Honey here. Thanks Peegore!

Check out The Godfather reviews, from customers on the ELFC website here:


A few of our favourite comments from emails, blogs and social media…

“I wish you all the best with your juice. I know for a fact I will be getting a lot more of it. Now I’m aware of how close they taste to what it says, you have a dedicated fan right here. I am very happy to see someone taking the time to craft such nice stuff, and market it right. Your juice really stands out compared to other stuff I have vaped.” Russell, by email

“Just got three of your juices from i-vapeguru and it’s amazing! The best of the three, for me, was Fire Water. It could be my all day vape – will 100% be buying more of your juices, really good stuff!” Russell, Twitter

“Tried St Louis Blues and it’s amazing!” Jennifer, Twitter

“Awesome liquids, full of flavour, a superb vape everytime!” White Mist Vapours, Twitter

“If you like your vaping. I cant recommend @Vapercrew enough. Definitely the best flavours I’ve had so far!” Toby, Twitter

“Best vaping juices I’ve tasted!” Iain, Facebook

“I tried as a one-off, now it’s become my favourite juice, as flavours are really robust even when sub-ohming, which I do a lot of. Genius with flavours!” Brett

Read detailed reviews of several VaperCrew flavours, with ratings for ‘flavour’, ‘vapour production’ and ‘likeness to named flavours and description’ from vaping blogger Jenny aka Vapergirl86:

And here are a few of the VIDEO REVIEWS we’ve discovered so far…

The Devil Vaper reviewing Cloudy Reef’s Nautical Nell

The Devil Vaper reviewing Cloudy Reef’s Sea Nymph

The Devil Vaper reviewing Cloudy Reef’s Beachcomber

The Devil Vaper reviewing Cloudy Reef’s Sunfish

E-Cigs UK

Short and sweet, this little review made us smile…

Matt and Matt give their frank and detailed live review of Banana Custard, Beetle Juice, St Louis Blues, Tobacco Weed and Tobacco Smooth in this 15 minute video. How did we do? Click the link to find out!

Everyday Vaper reviews Sweet Monroe…

Everyday Vaper reviews Red Carpet…

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